Burpee’s Posters, National Geographics & scotch tape, 2013-2014 school year. 

Including the rare Valentine’s Day special. Collect them all today!

Quick bits and pieces for my #1 favourite cult. Pen & ink featuring new kitten Henshaw and 1/16 chickens named Tyrone.

All Flesh Is Grass, 2013, arr. Chris Massa

I don’t foresee myself finishing this guy anytime soon as my mic broke and I haven’t worked on it since May of last year. Super proud of how clean and balanced it sounds in contrast to earlier pieces. The last bit has only the soprano/alto parts complete (of a total 4-part, 12-voice ensemble) and the last 1/3 or so of the piece is not included at all.

running-dog said: 'The Mushroom Primer' looks gorgeous! Is there a link where I can see the whole 12 pages?

Why thank you! I’m pretty thrilled so many people like it.

All twelve pages are right there on the three images at the bottom of the post  (Tumblr should have left them printer-quality, I’m relatively sure). Once printed, each page is to be folded into quarters and nested into the one before it. Voila, twelve pages of mycological glory. If folks are having difficulty, shoot me an Ask and I can upload visual instructions for y’all.

Mushroom Primer, 2013, pen & ink. 

A 12-page zine/booklet, featuring a big diagram on the center spread. Print-your-own*, or, if you know me in real life, I’ll print you one on request ($2 apiece). 

*Make sure to trick your printer into not cutting off the borders (like in the second picture down). 

Bob Ross Shoes 2.0, acrylics on canvas sneakers, 2013

St. Vincent, watercolour and pen/ink, 2013

St. Vincent, watercolour and pen/ink, 2013

Water Night, Whitacre, 2012-2013.

This piece is, at its height, 16 part divisi (SATB). I adjusted bass notes as necessary but otherwise it is unchanged (my lowest note is an Eb).

Avion III, Ictineo I, and The Beach Pneumatic on display, 2011-2012.

Avion III, Ictineo I, and The Beach Pneumatic on display, 2011-2012.

Avion III, Ictineo I, The Beach Pneumatic, watercolour and pen/ink, 2011-2012.

Based on real failed inventions.

The Avion III was the latest and most successful prototype aircraft built by brilliant French engineer Clement Ader. Powered by steam engine and two leaf-like propellers, with ribbed, batlike wings, Ader claimed that his plane achieved flight in 1897, long before the Wright Brothers flew their first glider at Kitty Hawk. After an unsuccessful test flight, the French military, who were funding his work, revoked Ader’s grant. He never built another plane, and his creations were largely forgotten. Learn More.

The Ictineo I was an early submarine constructed by Spanish entrepreneur Narcis Monturriol, after he witnessed the death of a man trying to harvest coral off a reef in Cadaques. Monturriol’s round, wooden craft was powered and steered mechanically by its pilot, using a broad fin on the tail end of the vehicle. Though it made a few successful test voyages, Monturriol’s other craft was accidentally destroyed by a passing ship, and he went bankrupt. The Ictineo I was scrapped for parts. Learn More.

The Beach Pneumatic Transit (1870) was an early subway system, constructed and proposed by Alfred Beach, that was run entirely on compressed air generated by giant fans. The luxury system, which featured opulent white stone stations and fully upholstered cars, was an initial success but was abandoned and forgotten after money ran out mid-construction. Beach died of pneumonia not long after. While the modern New York subway was being constructed, the stations were rediscovered, and subsequently destroyed. Learn More.

Werner Herzog II, The Skeleton Marionette, paper clay, string, fishing line, wood. 2013.

Fix Me, Jesus. arr. Hall Johnson. 2012.

SATB with soprano/tenor solos.

Andrew Bird, watercolour and pen/ink, 2013.

Andrew Bird, watercolour and pen/ink, 2013.

Beirut, watercolour and pen/ink, 2013.

Beirut, watercolour and pen/ink, 2013.

Bob Ross Shoes, oil paint on canvas sneakers, 2012.